• English Proficiency by Teacher Tommy

  • Teaching Methodology by Professor Karen

  • English Proficiency by Teacher Gesa

9 Months Teacher Training in Phaung Daw Oo International University (Batch-4)

Diploma in Education

The program welcomes applications from Monastic School Teachers, Private Teachers and Goverment Teachers. 22 teachers are selected each year. 

  • Teachers have to submit their form, take online level test and oral test to attend in PIU-TEAMS.


  • Teachers must be between the ages of 16 and 45.
  • Teachers must pass Grade 10.
  • Have interest in teaching and learning English
  • Have strong academic and social skills and have leadership potential
  • Must be mature and open minded

Courses & Activities

  • 9 months course- Basic English, Elementary & Pre-intermediate course by foreign volunteers and experts
  • Modern Teaching Methodology by British professional, SES German Expert and Australian Teachers
  • Gardening and Environmental Science
  • Science Experiment by German Expert
  • Computing lesson
  • Online teaching (Skype)
  • English Language Foundation (for more detail contact organizer)
  • School Observation Trip and Teaching Practice in Phaung Daw Oo Classes
  • Exchange activities with Montressori School in Germany

The nine months long program is divided into 2 terms of 4 months each.In the first term studying, we focus on English proficiency and Introductory teaching skills. After that we do further English and teaching strategies, to equip students with the skills to teach in Monastic Schools. There are Public Speaking activities and reading club weekly which is lead by student council. As additional activity of the program, students maintain garden to learn by doing.They also have to learn sport and art as additional lesson which are given by German Volunteer. Please note that after the program, participants have to do one month Knowlege Transfer and teaching in Monastic Schools in Myanmar.


Application form can be sent through Viber, Facebook and Gmail(just download form from our TEAMS Facebook Page) or sumbit online application. Soft copies must be submitted to zinmaungmdy2011@gmail.com or 09 40 25 98 710 (viber). Hard copies must be sent to TEAMS Office, 4th floor, NTTC Building, Phaug Daw Oo Monastic School, 19th Street, Nanshae, Mandalay.

Selection Process – 1. Applicants have to fill the form and please submit an application on time.

Deadline for application is 31.10.2019.

2. Applicants have to take written test on 5.11.2019.

3. Applicants will also need to take oral test on 19.11.2019.

On 28th Nov 2019, TEAMS office will announce the selected applicants.

This program is supported by Forderverein Myanmar ( www.help-myanmar.net )

Application Deadline- 31.10.2019

Brief Description of Teaching English Association for Monastic Schools (TEAMS)


Teaching English Association for Monastic Schools (TEAMS) is part of PIU Programming and functions under the PIU commitment.




TEAMS is an intense nine month teacher Training Program covering Elementary English Courses, Pre-intermediate English courses, Teaching Strategies, Education Theory and one month placement in Monastic schools in rural area whose students are the poorest, giving the students hope in a better future through a quality education. Our main focus is in Monastic schools which don’t have the opportunities to learn English as a second language. They only receive some support from Government. Furthermore, the monastic school teachers receive partly training from the Government, which ignited our determination to initiate the program for Monastic Schools that answers these critical needs. Under TEAMS program, we are also responsible to run Laboratory Room and Computer Room. We teach computing lesson and science lessons to Phaung Daw Oo secondary students every week.




Batch 2 Teachers (2018)

Batch 1 Teachers (2017)

For more information, contact me! Kind regards

Zin Maung